Fire burning as you open up your eyes,

You sit up looking at the skies,

And you smile to yourself though you don’t know how to feel,

You’re so young and delusional, could this be real?

And you think back to what was said last night,

Did you love, did you dance, did you dream or did you fight?

All you know is that the best time is right now,

Oh you’re so young you’re too young, you’re just young without a doubt

Your head is hurting but you choose to carry on,

Though you’re unconscious you are conscious this will soon be gone,

Before you drink lie down on hay stacks next to me,

You’re picturesque but it may just be the ecstasy.

A dragon puffed its last breath here,

Now I’m alive and fire won’t come near,

A breathless moment in the heat of the Tropicana,

Reaching for nowhere to Copacabarna

You’re holding back because the wrong feels so right,

Take someone’s hand hold them close just for tonight,

And maybe later, I’m just saying I don’t like to plan,

We could hang out when I’m older in the heat of the sun

They tell you not wish your years away,

But they’re too late, your wish was made for today,

Like a Polaroid picture needing time to appear,

Give me time, give me time, and I’ll see you in a year


The best place on earth is right next to the ones you love

In a perfect world…

Every so often, I’ve heard an interesting phrase: ‘in a perfect world’ or ‘in an ideal place’ and it made me wonder about this perfection and ideal perception. The unreachable dream. It seems to me that the world, not to be stereotypical or in any way, has evolved with this imprinted negative perception of the place where we are. No wonder…anywhere you look, there’s terrorism on the news, murder, crime, injustice, natural disasters. Even the adverts show charities desperately needing support to sustain the life of both people in 3rd world countries, or animals about to go extinct. All this seems far from perfection (unless you’re some sort of psycho who enjoys this kind of grim and disturbing life).

Kant said humans cannot reach summum bonum on earth and I think he couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, of course, for some this will be a struggle and many people will have their right at an attempt to be happy taken away from them from the first breath, but does that mean we are all doomed? Do we need to search for Plato’s world of forms?

Marvell, in his poem ‘The Garden’ talks about solitude and being at one with nature and its beauty. He loves the pastoral so much, it completely over-runs his mind; the complexity, structure, order and harmless beauty reflected in the structure and heroic couplets of the stanzas. In the poem, Marvell seems to reject all romantic love and devote himself nature and the garden (all happening in our ‘not so perfect’ world obviously). This neo-classical, Hellenistic poem, already expresses the hate for mankind ‘society is all but rude’, and all the references to Eden seem to refer to a time before the creation of Eve and The Fall. Has being ‘cast out of Eden’ destroyed us all, leading us to believe this world cannot be ideal and perfect?

We have the power to change anything we want. The ‘ideal’ and ‘perfect’ is now. Don’t miss it. Saying ‘It doesn’t happen to me’ or ‘that’s what happens to the others’ is a dead end. We are all the others. I believe that the world can be anything we want it to be…why not perfect?

Quote of the day

I was consumed by a heat, the heat of a spark becoming a flame, the flame becoming a bonfire, the bonfire becoming an inferno. I knew.

A quote from Paulo Coelho’s ‘By the river Piedra I sat down and wept’. Perfectly applicable for this scorching day if it were to be taken literally. The weather today was simply sublime, however it goes without saying the small talk has turned to how easy some people burn, while others tan, or how terribly and unbearably hot it is.

On a deeper level, Coelho uses Pilar the narrator, to talk about a feeling that had overcome her senses, in a very beautiful yet dangerous way. I love this novel because despite the negative and dark imagery (inferno) clearly foreshadowing a terrible and disastrous end, as the reader, there is still a spark of hope that it may somehow result in a ‘happy forever after’.

Destiny Thread

Another moon comes up, as the sun leaves to please other desperate faces,

Last resource for happiness or pathetic fallacy amongst the races?

You live saying today and tomorrow, don’t differ at all,

When deep down you hope to leave a mark, no matter how small,

These events pre-destined, they were just meant to be

When I fail, that’s what they say to me,

‘It wasn’t your call, your time will come’

This is not your destiny, you’re under His thumb.


So how do you feel about being the puppet of a super-natural power?

You can choose your dress, but you’re locked in a tower,

Destiny and fate; your life written in the stars,

Fighting for freedom, for what already was ours,

Spinning lives away; Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis

The thread on the spindle cut; that’s your nemesis

A matter of luck, for others the worse curse,

Your path already set in stone, one you can’t reverse.


You’re locked in a dark room, you don’t want to leave,

You think you have the choice, in fact you misconceive,

You’re stuck in the darkness, there’s no way out,

No freedom, no soul, no afterlife, no doubt.


Wake up little one, your mind is playing silly games,

Why so serious? Your hopes burning in the pessimistic flames,

Blaming external forces, for our own heavy debt,

Is nothing more than shameful regret,

All the roads are meant to be crossed,

Life’s a journey with an incremental cost.

The apocalypse is yet to consume us in the distant past,

So choose probability over certainty in the outcast.


In the end, to be free is to be condemned to be free,

You’re cursed from when you eat the fruit from the poisonous tree,

You’re stuck in a prison either way,

Your life will last until you decay.