The Promise

Don’t ever let me grow old

Don’t let me wrinkle and fade like petals

Don’t let our friendship be a story foretold

Written, forgotten, and sealed like letters.


Don’t let me die in my sleep

Don’t let me drift into the delicate death

Don’t let me go into the forest deep

Waiting for the last heartbeat, the last breath.


Let me die doing something amazing

Like fighting for another love, another us

But keep a spare match box when the fire’s not blazing

Let’s engrave a mark before we leave, without a fuss


Don’t leave me, promise you’ll never go

You know how tight I’m holding onto you

Till the ends and corners with you I will plough

Without you I’m like wasted paper, torn from glue


I loved that orange turtleneck I used to wear,

With a dungaree denim dress over the top

I had a small button nose back then,

Ah how much would I do to rewind and swap!


Don’t grow up yet, please wait for me to age,

Don’t break the sealed books don’t open the maps

It’s not a closed chapter, just a different page

Shall we take a year out exploring time gaps?


I don’t want to be one of those people you accidentally remember

A stranger from a distant better past,

Don’t lie to me saying that was our last September,

We both know me and you cannot be surpassed…


With one glance, and stare across the room,

I drown, entranced into that soul of gloom

It’s you who made me doubt an objective forever,

The universe beyond the green shield; my eternal endeavour.


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