Drip drop you crash and fall

Who’s the toughest of them all?

On its own, it’s wiped away,

The sleeve absorbing the tears of betray.


It’s a nice jumper you’re wearing today,

Brings out the colour of your eyes,

It’s funny how easily you can disguise,

The real cause of your demise.


You were the first to appreciate the power of my words,

Clearly they weren’t as strong as hers,

You don’t seem to understand the variation

Between strength and power- your interpretation


Is misleading and confusing as the roads in France,

We planned to go there lying amongst that idyllic expanse,

That isolation, your attention and sedation put me in a Hypnotic trance,

And then you asked me to dance.


You use words according to their definition in the dictionary,

You made them sweeter than my favourite confectionary,

Yet your decisions and choices of expression were far from cautionary,

You can barely tie your laces, yet you’re already so visionary


I suppose they haven’t taught you about the ‘double slit experiment’ in school,

See it’s quite like us, I can tell you about it if you want to be cool,

You can surprise all those pretty in faces, it’ll give you a good start,

Girls tend to like guys who seem kinda smart


So some time ago people thought light was a wave,

But upon zooming in, Young saw light wasn’t behaving how it should behave,

Now Einstein said it’s a particle the old theories were in a grave,

All the clever men began to dispute and fight,

But at least there was proof of the wave nature in light,

Wait, how can a particle produce a wave pattern on the wall?

And where does it go between the slit and the fall,

It’s everywhere and anywhere so what this means,

Unless you’re looking at it directly, it’s only in your dreams.


So how is this at all like you and me?

Well, we were the experiment you see,

Just like different light, we weren’t on the same frequency,

And that’s where the magic happens, not so much to do with intensity

You’re a bit like the strong red beams with no potential, and I’m UV

When it all broke out, we were new wave theory,

But the hunger for truth tipped us over, we got weary.


Just like the electrons, you disappeared somewhere far,

And my imagination can get a bit bizarre,

Kinda ironic, how we thought there was chemistry,

When quantum physics brought about reality,

Whether it’s determined or we choose the path we tread,

The truth remains unknown, but our path is dead.



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