It would be a major understatement to call this summer an eventful one, and there is no way to a strenuous hectic summer than a decent soundtrack. For me it has been a new discovery of a Regge Hip/Hop band ‘The Tribe’, ‘Stony Browder Jr’ and the new and improved Bay ‘The Beach’. But most of all I have been enchanted by the works of ‘George the Poet’ who was my template for structure and style and inspiration for this piece. (along with Ed Sheeran’s rather interesting story of how Bloodstream came about). Don’t get too confused in all the chaos 😉

I use tag questions, so’s and and’s and like’s like glue

This habit won’t help me out in an interview,

Especially if I have a few,

The night before,

When you go down to the store

And get something for my nerves,

You say I deserve,

But that’s just sympathy I can’t ignore,

Your kindness is building up jealousy

They say kindness is the way to prosperity

But it’s hard to focus on being good if it’s all messed up under the hood

And being selfish not selfless doesn’t give much assistance,

It doesn’t matter what you do it’s how you do; persistence.


They say that another cold war is coming

With all the drama and lies and death drums drumming

But how can we prevent another catastrophe

When we haven’t even mastered the 1st philosophy

And most people don’t even want to know,

But time will catch up and kill them slow

And we will survive if we stay together and pray

We’re just stupid, naïve and deeply deluded

But it’s not concluded

It never will be


Yet still the 1st world problem frustration is getting to me

He’s in her best friends, she liked this and that- it’s stupid to a high degree

That this low level bank of unimportance can cause too much distress

It’s time to convalesce

Why open up to this negative influence,

When we should open our arms with benevolence


Yeah, that’s a word I learnt in school,

Use it in the wrong way and they’ll call you a fool,

The time is coming when shit gets real,

You can’t get a university placement with your sex appeal

Yet you’re still more concerned about events last night,

And if so and so have had a fight,

And if little Miss A and a certain guy

Are out in public or they being sly

Your mind is running wild and you fail to control

Though you should be thinking what course to enrol,


Now you’re chatting to those lovely girls on the bus,

Who are making a fuss?

Asking why make this decision now, why can’t we wait till we’ve matured and grown out

All these pointless excuses and silly persuasions

Are chaining you down, when in different nations

People are running and fleeing to survive.

And I’ve muddled this up but it’s you who I trust,

And you know I moan when I’m all out of lust,

You haven’t seen me in this state before,

I’ve called it a state, but I’m not on the floor,

I’m not dancing or screaming or kissing a mate,

It’s just random topics that we may well like to debate,

When we’re talking again in a month or a two,

Like two good old friends- it’s what lovers can’t do.


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