‘It’s okay sweetie you’re never gonna be thin,

But with that pretty face you can still win.

You’ve got a bulky build and your hair is kinda flat,

Hah you wanna go running? You’ll still be fat’


You raise your top and glare at the firm skin,

There’s an extra bit there, you just take it on the chin,

You tilt your head try and change the perspective,

But deep down you can see those pills are ineffective


So you got that new jacket on and a new found smile

They’ll never know you binged watching Jeremy Kyle

Then you suck your cheeks in and stick out your bum in the reflection

Even pulling in your tummy, you’re far from perfection


And anyway, they all like girls that are slim,

You could always wear some nice underwear when the lights are dim,

But it’s not them that you really want to do it for,

You do it for yourself, but you’re losing this war


Then one morning you’re awake you’re back to square one,

The scales don’t lie and you know it so you run,

Though it’s hard and you sweat like a pig on fire,

Nothing can beat your determination and desire,

To walk in a room and feel good as you walk,

And not worry when you hear those cocky guys talk,

And you know, I know that you know you shouldn’t,

But you’re never accepting those fat rolls, you couldn’t.


They say love yourself, but this isn’t who you are,

It’s you trapped in a body, time to take off that bell jar,

So it’s okay for transsexuals to change their gender,

But when you don’t accept yourself you’re just an attention seeking pretender


Just remember that people are rewarded out loud,

For the endless hard work they did without a crowd,

The only real failure is the failure to try,

Remember all the hate you got back in that school tie,

And by embracing it you may get a shot at being you,

You’re not JUST human, you ARE human, there’s nothing you can’t do.

If you want to be big, the female incredible Hulk,

Then go there and do it, don’t sit there and sulk


Nothing can stop you, it didn’t stop me,

Its cliché, I know, but be who you want to be

Now I’m not saying that it’s not going to be hard,

But when you’re tired don’t let them catch you off guard


It’s a man’s world it’s true, it goes without saying,

So be a man then, be more dog, you won’t get there praying,

Thanks be to God, for giving me a chance of living

But keep Him for the Sunday’s, the world is unforgiving

Eliminate the don’t’s and the never’s and the no’s

You’re your only barrier, break it and repose

Don’t rely on that pretty face when they tell you you’re not thin

They’ve given up so they’re out, you can only win.


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