Out in a place, that once was called home,

peacefully watching the radiant dome,

aware of the illusion; of the children’s magic trick,

counting the stars as the seconds tick.

Illuminating the open, like pretty glistening fairy lights,

the magical substance, the special touch to lovers’ nights,

they’re faultless and splendid ’til August comes,

when they crash down and burn out, and land in the slums.

Just another rock, just another guy,

once special and charming, shining bright in the sky,

the closer it gets, the magic dissolves,

you’re left with a rough stone, a sad tale evolves.

Out in a place, that I hold close to heart,

doing the maths- a probable fresh start,

working out the pleasure vs. the pain,

if I shoot you down, how much will I gain?

Now I’m sailing away, in a little wooden boat,

my troubles weighing it down, yet I somehow stay afloat,

I threw over board the heart of the ocean,

and with it drowned all the deceitful emotion.

The waters are wide and as deep as your love,

trapped and helpless I drift, ’til I see a white dove,

carrying a branch, it’s time to come ashore,

the stars will guide me home, they way they did before.


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