Fire burning as you open up your eyes,

You sit up looking at the skies,

And you smile to yourself though you don’t know how to feel,

You’re so young and delusional, could this be real?

And you think back to what was said last night,

Did you love, did you dance, did you dream or did you fight?

All you know is that the best time is right now,

Oh you’re so young you’re too young, you’re just young without a doubt

Your head is hurting but you choose to carry on,

Though you’re unconscious you are conscious this will soon be gone,

Before you drink lie down on hay stacks next to me,

You’re picturesque but it may just be the ecstasy.

A dragon puffed its last breath here,

Now I’m alive and fire won’t come near,

A breathless moment in the heat of the Tropicana,

Reaching for nowhere to Copacabarna

You’re holding back because the wrong feels so right,

Take someone’s hand hold them close just for tonight,

And maybe later, I’m just saying I don’t like to plan,

We could hang out when I’m older in the heat of the sun

They tell you not wish your years away,

But they’re too late, your wish was made for today,

Like a Polaroid picture needing time to appear,

Give me time, give me time, and I’ll see you in a year


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