Quote of the day

I was consumed by a heat, the heat of a spark becoming a flame, the flame becoming a bonfire, the bonfire becoming an inferno. I knew.

A quote from Paulo Coelho’s ‘By the river Piedra I sat down and wept’. Perfectly applicable for this scorching day if it were to be taken literally. The weather today was simply sublime, however it goes without saying the small talk has turned to how easy some people burn, while others tan, or how terribly and unbearably hot it is.

On a deeper level, Coelho uses Pilar the narrator, to talk about a feeling that had overcome her senses, in a very beautiful yet dangerous way. I love this novel because despite the negative and dark imagery (inferno) clearly foreshadowing a terrible and disastrous end, as the reader, there is still a spark of hope that it may somehow result in a ‘happy forever after’.


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