Destiny Thread

Another moon comes up, as the sun leaves to please other desperate faces,

Last resource for happiness or pathetic fallacy amongst the races?

You live saying today and tomorrow, don’t differ at all,

When deep down you hope to leave a mark, no matter how small,

These events pre-destined, they were just meant to be

When I fail, that’s what they say to me,

‘It wasn’t your call, your time will come’

This is not your destiny, you’re under His thumb.


So how do you feel about being the puppet of a super-natural power?

You can choose your dress, but you’re locked in a tower,

Destiny and fate; your life written in the stars,

Fighting for freedom, for what already was ours,

Spinning lives away; Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis

The thread on the spindle cut; that’s your nemesis

A matter of luck, for others the worse curse,

Your path already set in stone, one you can’t reverse.


You’re locked in a dark room, you don’t want to leave,

You think you have the choice, in fact you misconceive,

You’re stuck in the darkness, there’s no way out,

No freedom, no soul, no afterlife, no doubt.


Wake up little one, your mind is playing silly games,

Why so serious? Your hopes burning in the pessimistic flames,

Blaming external forces, for our own heavy debt,

Is nothing more than shameful regret,

All the roads are meant to be crossed,

Life’s a journey with an incremental cost.

The apocalypse is yet to consume us in the distant past,

So choose probability over certainty in the outcast.


In the end, to be free is to be condemned to be free,

You’re cursed from when you eat the fruit from the poisonous tree,

You’re stuck in a prison either way,

Your life will last until you decay.


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