After seeing Everything Everything live (absolute chaotic perfection), for the second time, as well as getting well into season 4 (I’m behind I know) of Game of Thrones, I randomly sat down for 5 minutes, and came up with this little thing combining some of my favourite quotes and motifs from GoT. I hope to add some music to this one day…bare with 😉

Who’s left to pick up the pieces?

Who’s there to fight when the winter comes?

Who will you fight for, be faithful,

Drawing your sword to the next nightfall?

They tell you, ‘you know nothing’,

Drowning in your own old heavy sin,

Once you accept your flaws,

No one else will ever, ever win.

Now let’s drink to tonight,

Hoping it’ll be alright,

What we don’t know will usually get us killed.

Sow their dripping heads back on,

Cross the wall before dawn,

Listen to me, we’ve a world to build.

Don’t look back or you’ll be lost,

Fire won’t burn, the dice are tossed,

Raise your glass, full of blood,

Ice won’t freeze, this next flood.


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