Standard May 18th Complaint

I am almost there with finishing all my exams for AS levels. I hate this system. Most people do. My grandchildren will probably read about the successes and failures of Cameron as Prime Minister, in their History lessons (if they even go to school- by then there may be skype call conferences led by some overcomplicated machines and what not) and the education system will most definitely be one of the greatest failures, signed off by Gove. At this point, you may have considered reading something else (hold in there for a bit longer) and not waste your time on a teenager moaning about the education system, like all the rest of them. You’re probably thinking, I had to do exams without moaning, we all have to do them. What an awful shame.

Swiftly moving on…

Consequently, I have decided to write about some eye-catching quotes, breath taking inventions from centuries ago and generally unpick words and laugh. Enjoy.

Thomas Edison, the 3rd most prolific inventor in history, holding 1300 patents in his lifetime, including the 1st incandescent light bulb in 1879 and the 1st talking doll in 1888 once said: ‘Genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration’. Therefore the slang term for a hard worker ‘sweat’ isn’t that bad after all, seems like they’re all geniuses! It’s also quite comforting to hear this, after all, we often see people who miraculously succeeded and have millions of quid in their back pockets, or are little Einsteins of the world, and we think ‘where does that leave me?’. Well, according to this man, it’s all about hard work- it’s a simple equation. Hard work pays off.

Edison was an extremely cool guy. What I like about him the most was that he managed to find solutions to his own problems. As easy and simplistic as it sounds, it’s an amazing thing to be able to do. Edison himself was afraid of the dark. So he invented the lightbulb. There was nothing stopping him and so there shouldn’t really be much stopping us either from finding solutions to our problems, and finding therapies to our phobias. Fun fact of the day- He was also best friends with Henry Ford. Yeah the car dude. This car dude never had a driving license. In the 21st century, we call this ‘Banter’.

Where did A levels come into all this I ask? Just like Churchill, I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.


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