Shining amongst billions and many more,

Like the little stars at which I glance with indefinite admiration,

Over 100 billion of them dancing ethereally and gracefully,

One dose, one glimpse; infinite sedation.

Shining like a flame, setting minds on fire,

Like a ray of light bouncing off the Vättern Lake,

An aphrodisiac; smooth and luxurious like my favourite chocolate

A rollercoaster of emotion and infatuation that will never brake.

Shining brightly and happily,

Cheerful, cheeky, crazy at this unexpected serendipity,

Deep and mysterious as the North Atlantic Ocean,

Do you want to take a dip in unpredictability?

Shining like a brand new polished key,

To a warrior; courageous soul buried beneath the charming smile,

Beneath the intricate touch, and authentic stories,

Making each second together worthwhile.


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