I can’t remember what colour eyes you had,

Forgive me if you think that’s bad,

Or whether your favourite colour is black or blue,

Or what dream it is you would like to pursue,

But I know you have a kind heart,

And you have the power to make other hearts start,

Your voice so ineffably comforting, though you’re so young,

It carried through the air, when the robin sung.


Though I am no mathematician, or a scientist,

You’ve taught me to use kindness, instead of a fist,

I will never save the nations, I’m not Cleo number 2,

I won’t roam the Sherwood Forest, as much as I’d like to do,

Kryptonite won’t help me, save the gloomy day,

But if you need a hug or someone to listen, all you have to do is say.


I may not remember your face when I’m old and grey,

But I will remember all the moments with you,

When the Robin comes to stay.


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