The Meat Dress

Gasping for air, with your head under water,

Once more, you’ve been thrown in the gutter.

In this Matrix, H2o assigned to be your dreadful killer,

But it was hydrofluoric acid, making you ever stiller.

The burning sensation inside your bleeding lungs,

Deprives you of voice, and sharing tongues.

This is equality, through a crystal ball,

The burns stay hidden until the next night fall.

Along with the sun, your temperature is rising,

Reaching for the glass, the pain is not surprising.

The synapses blocked, and your liver long gone,

Jaundice and Oedema covered with chiffon.

You crack a smile, in response to some ‘joke’,

You swallow the mouthful, but somehow, you choke.

Esophageal dysphagia caused by hypocrisy and lies,

The truth gets stuck and all hope dies.

Metropolitan cities, industrial glamour

But there’s no revolution, just noise; endless clamour.

Each to their own, no green light to reach to,

Another painful tear, fake dreams to pursue.

The flame on the match is like a falling tear,

But when the flame starts fires, there’s something to fear.


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