Dear Philosophers and deep Thinkers, Yours truly.

It’s the middle of March 2015, and I am back. Whilst I was ‘socially absent’ in the past few months, I have attempted to make most of every second at contemplating about some quotes, motivational speeches and guru advice that I had picked up from newly discovered songs, books, films and my own lost mind.

‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist’ – Farhot- Represent Heart

Before hearing this quote spoken at the end of a rather astounding song (with an incredible piano motif), I had never come across it before yet it drew me in and encouraged me to find its origin. It turned out to be from a French poem by Baudelaire, talking about the grand time he had during his encounter with the devil. Quite sinister if I may say so, yet the danger and loitering is quite exciting and definitely drew me in; It’s a brilliant way to express the temptation of the devil into doing something bad, whilst feeling so good. The quote was made famous in the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects, written by Christopher McQuarrie, which I have yet to watch, describing a mysterious character, which no one ever knew, comparing him to the devil. As soon as I saw this, I thought of the misinterpretation of Jay Gatsby which actually came in handy in one of my English Lit lessons at A level. I recon that quote could be easily be integrated into ‘Great Gatsby’…

‘Rules of the game:
To help you find the girl you aim
She loves pain and she loves sugar
She loves kisses, she loves hazard
As Alice she takes a pill, as a ghost, she haunts the field
In the steam her finger draws
Something smiling, I do not know
Tic tac, tic tac the end is near
When winter comes, she disappears
One means two, boy, don’t miss the train
You are warned, you’re not to blame
Red, yellow, blue, a dancing girl in front of you
Another thing you cannot see
Read the book and follow me’ -Kid Francescoli- Blow Up

This is a riddle spoken by a girl in the middle of the song. I fell in love with the mystery of it from the first second. The rhyme adds a flow and metre making it sound like a nursery rhyme or, as the title of the extract suggests, a game. I really like the idea of a girl leading the game, being the dominant character, instead of getting played (which you probably picked up from some of my poems). This extract also reminded me of another poem which I am currently studying at English Lit by Keats, called ‘La Belle Dame sans merci’. I’m sure if you’re familiar with it you will see what I mean…

Tikkun /ty-coon/ noun

A character trait, with which a person enters the world, and for which he/she is responsible for transforming, in order to complete his/her soul’s work.

I believe that having a favourite word or two, that you can justify, is as important as having an ID. Not only does it define a person on a certain level, it also shows a sign of maturity; part of growing up. That is the opinion of a girl who is crazy about writing and loves poetry, classic literature, novels, psychology and philosophy. (that’s my little disclaimer if you were to get offended or feel pressured into immediately reaching for your dictionary to desperately find a word that is both meaningful and easy to remember-just in case). Along with ‘sedated’, tikkun is my favourite word. It immediately prompted me to think about schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, that we have recently studied in psychology. I watched a little documentary, where a woman thought she was sent by God and that her son is the second Jesus. I hope that is not what is meant by that word. The second thing that came into my head, was Augustus Walters from ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ talking about his fear of oblivion and how he wants to be remembered, and he wants his legacy to live on. He wants to transform the world. I don’t think many people want to be like ‘Miss Gee’ in Auden’s poem- lonely and vulnerable; forgotten. I think most of us have a little bit of Augustus in us, Michael Jackson sung about it in ‘Heal the world’. I would love to transform the world, make a change, the challenge now is finding out how.

My last quote comes from Jane Austen.

‘One cannot have too large a party’

Pretty self-explanatory really.


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