You get up, like every other day,

Nothing different, everything’s okay,

Take out a cigarette and hold it with your lips

Don’t light it, resist deaths kiss

I take a drag, of this inexistent smoke

Laughing at an imaginary joke

Sipping leftover drops of the whisky

From the sticky glass

Washing last night’s taste

This moment never lasts



You try and trip me up,

With the unsaid words hanging low

Like a pond of concrete

 Or knee-length deep snow

You take off my top,

But I don’t lose my fizz

Let’s stop this pointless battle

And seal it with a kiss



You’re getting lost in a crowd of lonely people

The air you give out, like poison, it is lethal

Each line or syllable shoots bullets at my brain

Let me go, so that I can rise again,

I’m strong and powerful, Achilles number two

But his heel let him down, and my weakness is you

All I wanted was peace, but you gave me war,

You want to play dangerous, I’ll win once more


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