‘Sorry’ say the little letters shining on the screen

What for, I wonder, for opening my eyes?

Behind the headlights are oceans

 The crest and trough of waves so slightly off level

Your gentle words unsealing ajar

A crack appears in the canthus

And the oceans break free,

Drop by drop, they surge to freedom

‘Sorry’ so softly and sentimentally, truly and deeply

What for, I wonder, for showing me the truth?

For shattering a magic crystal ball in which lies float freely in soap bubbles

The glass rests and sparkles coating the dirty soil like snowflakes in winter

The bubbles burst, their contents cursed

They are like little needles, falling down onto the broken soul

Each touch makes the body shiver with pain

Blood flows in the cracks of the run down memories, streams surge to freedom

‘Sorry’ so overused, so underestimated

What for, I wonder, for not fulfilling what I had in mind?

A heart colder than the breath of the White Witch, lifeless like an ancient stone

But the touch is deceiving, hypnotic and gentle

It burns and scars but it’s so sweetly satisfying

The frail and fragile petals of the rose are dying

The winter draws nigh, the deadly kiss sails and swirls over the departed and empty land

Five letters as dry and bitter as mouldy wine, they surge to freedom

But for every winter, a spring must follow, forget the ‘sorry’, I’ll live tomorrow


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