Girls, It’s time to clean up the dirty adverts.

I don’t like the way women are portrayed in the 21st century. Despite women technically having equal rights, the media still treats women as some sort of sexual, cleaning, damsels in despair. Every single advert which is trying to sell a pathetic washing up liquid or a new stain remover uses a woman as a terribly troubled mother and wife who is struggling to keep up with her totally old fashioned house duties because she can’t clean some old grass stain, or she can’t get rid of the bacteria in the toilet. I mean seriously, that’s just offensive. The only adverts which include male characters either have a crazy man in a cape and weird hat (really unattractive) shouting ‘One sheet does plenty’ whilst having mothers ‘fan girling’ about how amazing him and his random paper towels are. The other is a cartoon.  Yes a cartoon and he is coming to the rescue with his amazing spray which can clean all dirt. Yes you guessed it, it’s Mr Muscle. Let’s get this straight; it’s a Hench cartoon man saving the poor weak damsel in distress with his CLEANING SPRAY. It doesn’t end here.

 Recently on the general Google Images search I found a whole series of ‘Ambi Pur’ adverts which made a laughing stock out of an older woman cleaning holding a toilet brush. She had a young half naked man all over her. If this wasn’t bad enough, I also saw an image which mocked feminism. It displayed a strong woman tensing her arm, looking pretty scary, and the caption on her side said: ‘Get the power. The power to clean anything.’ Really, none of these adverts are as funny as the (clearly male) producers think they are. I haven’t seen any men appearing in any of these cleaning adverts, are they scared of being laughed at or what.  Equality? I don’t think so.

Right, in case anyone still thinks there is nothing wrong with stereotyping women and portraying them as distressed cleaners is absolutely fine, let me add they are also used in many sexual ways in adverts, each day. Adverts for simple everyday items, have a women looking very sexual, apparently promoting the item. Sexual messages are displayed in many adverts usually involving a woman in some way. Women showering, in unrealistic sexual ways are often used for shampoo adverts, women doing some other weird moves, wearing a lot of make-up, and not a lot of clothes often promote perfume. This is day time TV for God’s Sake. This is discrimination on daytime TV. Diet food and low calorie yogurts are often shown alongside some sexy slim goddess making a lot of women feel uncomfortable and forced by the media to make an effort to be that unrealistic sexual creature in real life. Even adverts for tampons and other intimate items for women are sometimes over exaggerated making it out like it’s amazing to be in that time of the month. ‘Discreet’ shows that having their product adds more confidence, and I would have nothing against that if one: it actually did give more confidence and two: they actually meant confidence, not flirting with a guy. Crazy or what?

The army is recruiting new members again. It’s all over the TV. There are adverts for RAF and loads of others in order for people to sign up and protect their country. There are options for everyone, even people who come from overseas. (Moi) No matter what race, religion, and colour- pretty much everyone can join. How beautiful and lovely. I used the words ‘people’ and ’everyone’ as that includes both women and men. So far you think, well what is her problem, both women and men can join, there is equality and women are obviously not forced to be the actresses in the inappropriate adverts. Well, I apologise if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen a single advert which says that women can join the army. All the adverts have men, men, men. There are many girls who want to join the army, or contribute towards the army one way or another (myself included) but unless you are extra keen on it and actually look it up, there are not many, if any adverts or anything that persuade women to join. But there are many that persuade women to stay at home and clean or cook. Because we’re weaker.  Apparently. Women are still lower, despite the equality, they earn less, they have smaller chances of getting certain jobs and they are still discriminated. Pathetic truth.

I have nothing against the media; what’s more, I love it. But I have a lot against discriminating, offending, laughing, using and mocking women and feminism.  There have been many reformers, protesters and fighters for women to be equal. So many women sacrificed themselves during wars, and the suffragettes fought wisely and strongly for women’s right to vote. They were tortured and force fed so that we could now be equal and lead a fair life, equal to the men. I want to be sure that when I grow up and have kids and a family, the media won’t be packed with women cleaning, women being sexual or anything else that might be inappropriate for my kids to see when they’re growing up.  Yes, it might be the law to treat everyone equally and not discriminate people, and racially that seems to be slowly working out, but there is still a huge divide between women and men. It is becoming such a common issue that people are now considering it to be fine. It’s really not. It might have been fine seventy years ago, but not anymore. Women are not cleaning, cooking sex machines. And we definitely don’t need Mr Muscle. We are in fact educated human beings, smarter and stronger than a lot of men. Yes I said it! Boys get ready because the girls are ready to rule. You too, crazy man with a cape and crazy hat and paper towels. Your one sheet might do plenty, but this time girls will do much, much, much more.Image


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