Walking Dead

We developed a cleaver skill of ignorance which is ironic

That elephant must be suffering from this ignorance symphonic,

The second you awake, you shed the skin,

Of a winner, of a try-er, you don’t want to win,

Because if you did, you’d stand out a bit too much,

You’ve clinged to the touch screen so you’re afraid of touch,

And that means turning the handshake down,

Without realising, you let another man drown,

You don’t realise your importance in society,

When famous strangers dominate reality


I think reality is a subjective ideology,

And we all see things we want to see,

But what happens when you refuse to open your eyes,

Look up at the skies,

Admire the wings as the bird flies,

You can’t even hear how that little kid on the bus cries,

Trapped and strapped to laws that we should decriminalise

We have so much power that we don’t like to use

But to abuse

Using it wisely would involve using your brain,

And without the app it’s too much strain.


You get wilder the closer you get to civilisation,

In this jungle we fight to survive the denationalisation,

It’s difficult to unite in this one broad nation,

And stay positive and hopeful, when all around resignation

Is grasping and clinging to your angles like kettlebells,

The unfairness grabbing and choking you so your throat swells

On the outside you’re a normal outsider,

Inside you’re burning screaming racing, like a lit collider

In this city you’re the crowd or the walking dead,

Either or, we all need to be fed

Though most can afford a pasty or sausage roll,

You can afford the time, dignity that the authorities stole

From your son last night, who’s ‘a really nice boy’

You’ve locked him up, now he can’t spread joy


You watch the suited puppets run across the town,

With their gold watches and suits, and a face with a frown

The gold plate won’t stop time, they have to keep walking,

They’re blindfolded like sheep for slaughter, as long as someone’s talking

Why call them dead? When it’s you who’s hanging down from the rope

You’ll fight till the end for your life, and they’ve lost hope

Loosing hope a form of dying, just without the relatives crying


The Promise

Don’t ever let me grow old

Don’t let me wrinkle and fade like petals

Don’t let our friendship be a story foretold

Written, forgotten, and sealed like letters.


Don’t let me die in my sleep

Don’t let me drift into the delicate death

Don’t let me go into the forest deep

Waiting for the last heartbeat, the last breath.


Let me die doing something amazing

Like fighting for another love, another us

But keep a spare match box when the fire’s not blazing

Let’s engrave a mark before we leave, without a fuss


Don’t leave me, promise you’ll never go

You know how tight I’m holding onto you

Till the ends and corners with you I will plough

Without you I’m like wasted paper, torn from glue


I loved that orange turtleneck I used to wear,

With a dungaree denim dress over the top

I had a small button nose back then,

Ah how much would I do to rewind and swap!


Don’t grow up yet, please wait for me to age,

Don’t break the sealed books don’t open the maps

It’s not a closed chapter, just a different page

Shall we take a year out exploring time gaps?


I don’t want to be one of those people you accidentally remember

A stranger from a distant better past,

Don’t lie to me saying that was our last September,

We both know me and you cannot be surpassed…


With one glance, and stare across the room,

I drown, entranced into that soul of gloom

It’s you who made me doubt an objective forever,

The universe beyond the green shield; my eternal endeavour.


Drip drop you crash and fall

Who’s the toughest of them all?

On its own, it’s wiped away,

The sleeve absorbing the tears of betray.


It’s a nice jumper you’re wearing today,

Brings out the colour of your eyes,

It’s funny how easily you can disguise,

The real cause of your demise.


You were the first to appreciate the power of my words,

Clearly they weren’t as strong as hers,

You don’t seem to understand the variation

Between strength and power- your interpretation


Is misleading and confusing as the roads in France,

We planned to go there lying amongst that idyllic expanse,

That isolation, your attention and sedation put me in a Hypnotic trance,

And then you asked me to dance.


You use words according to their definition in the dictionary,

You made them sweeter than my favourite confectionary,

Yet your decisions and choices of expression were far from cautionary,

You can barely tie your laces, yet you’re already so visionary


I suppose they haven’t taught you about the ‘double slit experiment’ in school,

See it’s quite like us, I can tell you about it if you want to be cool,

You can surprise all those pretty in faces, it’ll give you a good start,

Girls tend to like guys who seem kinda smart


So some time ago people thought light was a wave,

But upon zooming in, Young saw light wasn’t behaving how it should behave,

Now Einstein said it’s a particle the old theories were in a grave,

All the clever men began to dispute and fight,

But at least there was proof of the wave nature in light,

Wait, how can a particle produce a wave pattern on the wall?

And where does it go between the slit and the fall,

It’s everywhere and anywhere so what this means,

Unless you’re looking at it directly, it’s only in your dreams.


So how is this at all like you and me?

Well, we were the experiment you see,

Just like different light, we weren’t on the same frequency,

And that’s where the magic happens, not so much to do with intensity

You’re a bit like the strong red beams with no potential, and I’m UV

When it all broke out, we were new wave theory,

But the hunger for truth tipped us over, we got weary.


Just like the electrons, you disappeared somewhere far,

And my imagination can get a bit bizarre,

Kinda ironic, how we thought there was chemistry,

When quantum physics brought about reality,

Whether it’s determined or we choose the path we tread,

The truth remains unknown, but our path is dead.



It would be a major understatement to call this summer an eventful one, and there is no way to a strenuous hectic summer than a decent soundtrack. For me it has been a new discovery of a Regge Hip/Hop band ‘The Tribe’, ‘Stony Browder Jr’ and the new and improved Bay ‘The Beach’. But most of all I have been enchanted by the works of ‘George the Poet’ who was my template for structure and style and inspiration for this piece. (along with Ed Sheeran’s rather interesting story of how Bloodstream came about). Don’t get too confused in all the chaos 😉

I use tag questions, so’s and and’s and like’s like glue

This habit won’t help me out in an interview,

Especially if I have a few,

The night before,

When you go down to the store

And get something for my nerves,

You say I deserve,

But that’s just sympathy I can’t ignore,

Your kindness is building up jealousy

They say kindness is the way to prosperity

But it’s hard to focus on being good if it’s all messed up under the hood

And being selfish not selfless doesn’t give much assistance,

It doesn’t matter what you do it’s how you do; persistence.


They say that another cold war is coming

With all the drama and lies and death drums drumming

But how can we prevent another catastrophe

When we haven’t even mastered the 1st philosophy

And most people don’t even want to know,

But time will catch up and kill them slow

And we will survive if we stay together and pray

We’re just stupid, naïve and deeply deluded

But it’s not concluded

It never will be


Yet still the 1st world problem frustration is getting to me

He’s in her best friends, she liked this and that- it’s stupid to a high degree

That this low level bank of unimportance can cause too much distress

It’s time to convalesce

Why open up to this negative influence,

When we should open our arms with benevolence


Yeah, that’s a word I learnt in school,

Use it in the wrong way and they’ll call you a fool,

The time is coming when shit gets real,

You can’t get a university placement with your sex appeal

Yet you’re still more concerned about events last night,

And if so and so have had a fight,

And if little Miss A and a certain guy

Are out in public or they being sly

Your mind is running wild and you fail to control

Though you should be thinking what course to enrol,


Now you’re chatting to those lovely girls on the bus,

Who are making a fuss?

Asking why make this decision now, why can’t we wait till we’ve matured and grown out

All these pointless excuses and silly persuasions

Are chaining you down, when in different nations

People are running and fleeing to survive.

And I’ve muddled this up but it’s you who I trust,

And you know I moan when I’m all out of lust,

You haven’t seen me in this state before,

I’ve called it a state, but I’m not on the floor,

I’m not dancing or screaming or kissing a mate,

It’s just random topics that we may well like to debate,

When we’re talking again in a month or a two,

Like two good old friends- it’s what lovers can’t do.


‘It’s okay sweetie you’re never gonna be thin,

But with that pretty face you can still win.

You’ve got a bulky build and your hair is kinda flat,

Hah you wanna go running? You’ll still be fat’


You raise your top and glare at the firm skin,

There’s an extra bit there, you just take it on the chin,

You tilt your head try and change the perspective,

But deep down you can see those pills are ineffective


So you got that new jacket on and a new found smile

They’ll never know you binged watching Jeremy Kyle

Then you suck your cheeks in and stick out your bum in the reflection

Even pulling in your tummy, you’re far from perfection


And anyway, they all like girls that are slim,

You could always wear some nice underwear when the lights are dim,

But it’s not them that you really want to do it for,

You do it for yourself, but you’re losing this war


Then one morning you’re awake you’re back to square one,

The scales don’t lie and you know it so you run,

Though it’s hard and you sweat like a pig on fire,

Nothing can beat your determination and desire,

To walk in a room and feel good as you walk,

And not worry when you hear those cocky guys talk,

And you know, I know that you know you shouldn’t,

But you’re never accepting those fat rolls, you couldn’t.


They say love yourself, but this isn’t who you are,

It’s you trapped in a body, time to take off that bell jar,

So it’s okay for transsexuals to change their gender,

But when you don’t accept yourself you’re just an attention seeking pretender


Just remember that people are rewarded out loud,

For the endless hard work they did without a crowd,

The only real failure is the failure to try,

Remember all the hate you got back in that school tie,

And by embracing it you may get a shot at being you,

You’re not JUST human, you ARE human, there’s nothing you can’t do.

If you want to be big, the female incredible Hulk,

Then go there and do it, don’t sit there and sulk


Nothing can stop you, it didn’t stop me,

Its cliché, I know, but be who you want to be

Now I’m not saying that it’s not going to be hard,

But when you’re tired don’t let them catch you off guard


It’s a man’s world it’s true, it goes without saying,

So be a man then, be more dog, you won’t get there praying,

Thanks be to God, for giving me a chance of living

But keep Him for the Sunday’s, the world is unforgiving

Eliminate the don’t’s and the never’s and the no’s

You’re your only barrier, break it and repose

Don’t rely on that pretty face when they tell you you’re not thin

They’ve given up so they’re out, you can only win.


Strangers, all in one crammed tiny room,

locked away and blinded like sheep for the slaughter

nurtured and cultivated by the warmth of the sun,

tended by the sunrise, charmed by the sunset

taught of the rules of regularity of a bee’s nest or the bright

yellow ray florets of the sunflower

tricked by the orderly chaos of flowers blowing in the wind,

dancing and swaying beautifully.


Strangers, taught how to cry whilst watching

the raindrops fall and explode like little hand grenades or blank shots;

a west end production by the harmless hooligans from two blocks away

persuaded to run, like the rain on a car window

speeding on the motorway to nowhere important

binding and linking and joining and mixing like a chemical reaction or cells under a microscope

and then running off somewhere, forgotten.


Strangers, chained down by a drug called emotion all addicted

to feeling, craving danger, fear, loathing, loving, laughing

rooted down permanently like an old oak in an open field

dragging the chains like slaves, stamping bodies with memories and scars like bold

beaten helpless men, imprisoned and stained with a code.


Strangers all desperate to destroy and destruct

yet to be remembered with a purpose, used, talked about, like the fossils

buried in the ground- the only useful corpse

like the ideologically preserved reconstructed creatures from thousands of years before

time was defined.


Strangers willing to unite, somewhere sometime in this overgrown garden

find out and discover and fly free like the seeds of the spherical grown dandelions

rapidly colonising disturbed soil and coping with the so called damage.


Strangers only for a week

he be a gardener not a watchmaker

so who else can truly measure time

or say if its a simple straight line?


Out in a place, that once was called home,

peacefully watching the radiant dome,

aware of the illusion; of the children’s magic trick,

counting the stars as the seconds tick.

Illuminating the open, like pretty glistening fairy lights,

the magical substance, the special touch to lovers’ nights,

they’re faultless and splendid ’til August comes,

when they crash down and burn out, and land in the slums.

Just another rock, just another guy,

once special and charming, shining bright in the sky,

the closer it gets, the magic dissolves,

you’re left with a rough stone, a sad tale evolves.

Out in a place, that I hold close to heart,

doing the maths- a probable fresh start,

working out the pleasure vs. the pain,

if I shoot you down, how much will I gain?

Now I’m sailing away, in a little wooden boat,

my troubles weighing it down, yet I somehow stay afloat,

I threw over board the heart of the ocean,

and with it drowned all the deceitful emotion.

The waters are wide and as deep as your love,

trapped and helpless I drift, ’til I see a white dove,

carrying a branch, it’s time to come ashore,

the stars will guide me home, they way they did before.